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Dibujo técnico Efibat

In Efibat, we have a clear idea of the business strategy to follow, therefore, we have set our core business in the areas where we're really efficient (departamentsof sales, R&D, marketing and manufacturing).

We offer a wide range of solutions and applications for electrical installations, always looking for a better use of resources, providing tools and solutions to professionals in the electrical sector, that would allow them carry out their work in easier ways.

Our staff is trained to perform energy analysis and measurements, as well as perform studies of our clients' energy bills or energy audits, which allows us to offer the best solutions to beimplemented in each installation.

A As well our R&D department carefully analyzes both general market needs and the specific requirements of each client prior to designing the most competitive products and solutions to meet all the particular needs.

C/ Leonardo Da Vinci, 41
Polígono de Roces
33211 - Gijón - Asturias - España
Tel. +0034 984 103 000
Fax. +0034 984 103 005